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Start with a selected molecule and assign to each atom of that molecule a number corresponding to one or more of its elements.
To generate a new molecule, simply click on the connector that corresponds to one of the atoms of your molecule.
To change the atom properties, simply double-click on the connector of the atom in question.
To delete the atom, select the connector of the atom and click on the trashcan.
To see the properties of the atom, click on the color display of the connector or hover the cursor over it.

Assign a numerical value to each chemical compound and to
see its components (molecules).

This tool can be used to visualize the composition of a chemical compound in an easy and intuitive way. Just select the compound from a list and the tool will
automatically analyze it. If it is impossible to list all its molecules, click on the ‘Resume’ button to resume with the next compound in the list.

If you are interested in the actual molecules and their atomic composition, click on the ‘Show molecule’ button on the top right of the tool.

The length of each line shows the number of atoms in the
molecule. The labels in the first part of the line represent the type of atom (number of valence electrons, number of protons and number of neutrons) and
the next part shows the atomic composition.

The other options are mostly self-explanatory and let you visualize the atomic composition and 3D structure of your
compound. Note that these options are available for the entire screen (including the molecules list) and not only on the selected molecule.

It is possible to assign a numerical value to a chemical compound
and see its composition. This value corresponds to the total number of elements and hydrogen atoms in the compound. This value is also shown
as an avarage over all the elements. You can sort the compounds by their number of atoms (from the smallest to the largest)
by clicking on the’sort by atoms’ button on the top left of the tool. The value of each molecule is updated accordingly.

This is an optional feature, useful when you have thousands of
compounds to manage. The tool is limited to 100 compounds because I don’t have enough time to deal with such large amounts of data. If you
want to manage thousands of compounds, I recommend you to use the ChemCurator tool from 384a16bd22

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«Delphinus» is a computer program which allows you to control your camera exposure time and will do it trough the RS-232 protocol.
Delphinus is a perfect solution for the «Pi of the Sky» project.

Pi of the Sky is a Polish project which has been realized on behalf of CEN and IPK (Institute for Nuclear Research, Kraków) to test computer-controlled camera exposure.

1. Connect «Delphinus» to RS-232 port (pins 3, 5 and 7)
2. Download «Delphinus».exe file from
3. Connect «Delphinus» to the camera
4. Run «Delphinus» and press OK
5. Now the camera is working and you can start the exposure control

1. Install «Python version 2.6 or higher»
2. Install «cx_freeze version 4.0 or higher»
3. Install «delphi version 9.0 or higher»
4. Install «zlib version 1.2.7 or higher»
5. Install «python-qt4 version 4.3 or higher»
6. Run the setup of «Pi of the Sky»
7. Run «»

UPDATED: «» have been rewritten to support more webcam models. All the models are supported by default in version 1.5. If you have installed only some models you can add them to «» file to activate them.

BROKEN: When you have problem with installation
1. Go to
2. Make sure that your Python is the version 2.6 or higher. In case of Python 3 the installation should fail.
3. Make sure that you have installed «cx_freeze» and «delphi» mentioned in installation instructions
4. If you have error with.dsk file in drive C of Python please go to
5. If you have installed previous version of «Pi of the Sky» please


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